It's Been A Long Year

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assaalamualaikum fellow SBP leaders.
I've been meaning to write in this post for a long time, and based on the title I probably should write this post after SPM. Then again, God knows what'll happen after SPM. So I should get something straight concerning our work as The SBP Headboys and Headgirls.
Maybe I should start with a confession, that I'm not fit for the job when I was first appointed. Some of you would feel the same. But we persevere till the end anyway, so let's just say that we exaggerate a lot. We have faced intolerance, ignorance, and downright rejection. We are betrayed (I hope not), and we cried alone when we feel down and ineffectual. To add to that huge amount of guilt already, we have to cater with the very need of a sufficient education.
So, I can very much deduce that being a leader is no fun at all.
Then again,
it is still our responsibility. None of us are willing to destroy this one and only chance of being at the top. And we have listened to numerous hadith and verses from the al-Quran saying the benefits of becoming a leader. And I dont deny this. Through leadership we have created bonds we have never imagined when we were not the headboy or headgirl, we are the focus of the teachers, we are looked up by the juniors (they say your name with polite Abang or Kakak), and yes we will have the most adoration towards the school (do I phrase this correctly?).
Its true, when we are the ONLY hope of the school, we get attached to the school more. But all of it will lost, because we are leaving already.
So my fellow friends....
Do make the best of this single moment. Dont fret about not getting praised, just hope for that one KEREDAAN. Its worthwhile if I could put it that way.....


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